Attention Men ...
Sick of craving porn, feeling out of control, and guilty about your desires? Want to ONLY crave real women?

How One Man's Secret Porn Addiction 

Nearly Ruined His Wedding Day After Getting Caught Masturbating at 3am


And Led Him to Discover the “Intimacy Switch”


Which Saved His Marriage and Ended 
His Addiction to Porn in Only 67 Days...  

Today, Hundreds Of Men Are Using The “Intimacy Switch” To End Their Porn Addiction, Destroy Their Urges To Masturbate, and Rediscover a Hot, Passionate and Intimate Relationship With Their Partners

Hey, my name is John Freeman... 


In the next few minutes, I’m going to tell you the humiliating true story about the lowest point in my life... 


It was the moment I heard my fiancee screaming my name and calling me a pervert... 


While my cock was in my hand and my computer screen displayed 7 guys taking turns on one girl…


That was the moment which made me consider that porn was interfering with my life (and that maybe I was an addict)... 


I had to face the fact that DECADES of watching porn, conditioned my brain, and made me UNABLE to get hard with a real woman... even worse, it stopped me from DESIRING, and getting hard with the woman I was about to marry. 


If I didn't do something about this quickly, I'd risk losing the most important person in my life, my partner of 5 years.


You see... 


I had spent years hiding this “little secret” of mine from the woman who was soon to become my wife.


However, over the years, I slowly lost interest in sex, and simply "got the deed" done with her, just to satisfy her needs once or twice a month…


I would often make up excuses, like "I'm tired", or "work has been stressing me out"...


Because sex felt more like a chore, than anything else. 


It wasn't what I craved.


Even my cock stopped working with my fiancee,
and I blamed it on having low testosterone.


And within the third year of our relationship, our bedroom was dead.




Several evenings each week, I'd sneak out of bed after my fiancee fell asleep, or I'd wake up early before she woke, and my cock would get rock hard as I watched porn secretly.


Clearly, I didn't have a problem getting wood (because I'd orgasm several times a week through porn)...


The problem was the THING that was getting me hard.


And that night while my fiance screamed my name, I had to face my reality:

Maybe, just maybe, I might be a porn addict.


Although I was flooded with shame, guilt, and felt mortified… 


This moment when my fiancee caught me was also the catalyst that re-ignited the love, connection, and amazing sex that we had when she was just my girlfriend.


And it helped get my compulsive desire to watch porn under CONTROL…


And let me tell you…


Although that evening was 
the lowest point in my life, it sparked… 


An urgent journey to get my urges under control, which led to discovering a powerful method to reboot my brain and break free from my addiction to porn… 



And within just a few weeks I became only sexually stimulated by real sex instead. 



This is the story of how I re-ignited intimacy and trust with my fiancee, and got my sex life back.



You see... 


Porn had been a part of my life for decades at this point.


My first sexual experience EVER happened with porn, when I discovered my dad’s secret stash of "men's" magazines.


(And in just a couple of minutes you’ll discover WHY if your first orgasm happened while watching porn... it makes it nearly impossible for you to quit by simply using willpower)

Once the internet came out I became a full-blown porn addict (though I would have never thought I was one)… 


I masturbated almost daily as a teenager and into my 20's. 


I always kept it a secret from the women I dated, and then finally even from my fiancee.


When she would leave for a weekend I would spend hours in bed masturbating.


Sometimes I paid for webcam girls... just for the rush and stimulation. 


I had even masturbated to my girlfriend's friend's social media pictures.


As the years went by, I needed more and more stimulating porn to get me excited and hard… sometimes I looked at things that frightened me, just to get turned on.


And that’s about the time when my erections stopped happening with my partner.

In Order To Get Hard With My Partner
I Would Have To Think About
The Messed Up Porn
I Was Craving

Its true...


Despite having a STUNNING woman (in her sexual prime), who wanted to do anything to please me in bed...


I still needed to imagine hardcore porn scenarios with barbie-doll like women, just to get an erection with my wife.


And eventually... even imagining porn during sex stopped working to get my cock up in the bedroom.


Once I asked her if we could watch porn together, and she was completely against the idea.


So there was no god-damn way I would ever tell my fiancee that I was imagining porn while we were being intimate in bed.


Could you imagine her reaction?


After just three years together, our bedroom was dead.


I saw a few doctors and even tried popping “little blue pills” in order to get hard and sleep with her... 


But nothing got my cock working… except for the stimulating porn I watched in private.


I can’t tell you how many times she NEARLY caught me… 


Until that evening when she snuck up behind me... 


As my pants were around my knees, with my hand on my cock and my screen showing 7 guys taking turns giving it to one girl.

“Oh My God! 

You’re a Fucking Pervert John!”

"I'm not getting married to a lying pervert John,
I'm calling our engagement off"


... she said, and ran off to lock herself in our room.


She walked out into the hallway she had an overnight bag packed, ready to go.


“I knew you were hiding something from me, John. Our intimacy fizzled out and I haven't felt connected with you in years. Now it all makes sense.


I can't believe you've been imagining screwing other women... while for the last 2 years, you've barely had sex with me. I need some space to think about this.”


And then she left without telling me where.


I didn't see or hear from her for 2 days...


Then she showed up one evening as I was cooking dinner... 


We began talking, and... 

"You Chose a Screen Over Me...
And I've Never Felt Uglier"

She opened up to me... 


"This explains everything, John...

  • The lack of affection and intimacy over the years...
  • Your coldness, and harsh reactions...
  • The dead bedroom in our relationship...
  • Your rejection of my advancements...
  • Your aloofness, and disconnection from me...

I'm broken... but I'm glad this is finally out in the open... because a few months ago I began feeling hopeless about our relationship... 


It had gotten so bad that I had begun fantasizing about other men, who were more affectionate and who would fulfil the needs you weren't giving me.


She continued...


To be honest John, I rather you had slept with another woman... than to know you watched hundreds of other women getting screwed.


It's the same feeling that I get. You cheated on me.


You never told me that you would rather masturbate than have sex. You would rather watch some other woman have sex than be intimate with me. 


How do you prefer getting off to other women, when you have a real wife begging to sleep with you?"

I Broke Down Crying As I
Confessed and Came Clean
About My Two Decade Long Habit

I told her everything...

  • How guilty and ashamed I felt every time I watched it behind her back.
  • How I wanted to quit so many times, but always fell back on it.
  • How I had been watching porn since I was 13 years old.
  • How I deleted a terabyte of porn on a secret hard drive.
  • How I was ready to give it up for good, and get help to change.

I literally broke down in tears in front of her, and promised her I would stop... because she was the most important thing in my life.

"I Love You, But I Won't Marry a Man Addicted To Porn", She Said. Then She Gave Me an Ultimatum


“John, as far as anyone else is concerned, we're still engaged to get married in 15 months...


... however, just between you and I, our engagement is off” she said. 


"I love you, and I'm going to be by your side as you try to quit. But I've read about porn addiction, and few men ever quit...


There's entire forums of women online, dedicated to the "wives of porn addicts"


And I will NOT become trapped in a dead-end relationship for decades, where I don't get my sexual and physical needs met.


I rather be alone, then married to a man who prefers to LOOK at other women.


If you want THAT, then you can do it without me.


What is it that you want?”


I decided I would show her through my actions what mattered most to me.



That Evening I Emailed 8 Therapists, Purchased a Porn Blocking Tool and Joined a Recovery Program For Men

To make a long story short...4 months later... thousands of dollars spent on therapy, group coaching and porn blocking tools...


I was STILL just as addicted as I was before.


The only thing that changed was that instead of secretly watching porn at home... I was secretly watching porn in my car, on a work phone (that my fiancee knew nothing about), during my work breaks, and before coming home.


All of the books, therapy and courses simply EXPLAINED "why" I was addicted, and WHY it was normal that I was addicted.


But nothing HELPED me quit the habit.


When my fiancee would ask me how my recovery is going, I'd fake a smile and tell her "great!".


She had no idea the struggle I was going through. And I couldn't bare to tell her the truth, and lose her.


She saw me making an effort to quit, and that's what mattered.


I was still determined to figure this out and quit, because I felt ashamed and guilty every time I relapsed in secret.


Just When I Thought I Hit My Lowest Point... I Received A Private Message From a Stranger That Would Finally Turn My Porn Recovery Process Around…

I had joined a recovery forum to quit porn, to see other men's experiences, and share mine...


On this forum, I received private message from a stranger… 


He said:

“Hey, I saw you’re struggling with porn addiction and porn-induced-erectile-dysfunction. 


I quit 6 years ago and am creating a “test group” of students, to see if the psychological tools that I’ve developed and which worked for me could work for others… 


It’s free, all I want in return is your honest feedback… are you interested?


~ Matt Miller”

It seemed too good to be true.


Someone had actually broken this addiction?

Nothing had worked for me at this point. And it seemed like everyone online had been trying to quit for years, some guys even DECADES, without any success.


Was I fucked?


Therapy, online forums, the 12-step program… nobody had an effective solution to this. I hadn't met ANYONE who had actually quit.


I was 6 months into my journey and beyond "accepting" that I had a problem, I was just as much of an addict as I was when I began.

Skeptically I Joined This Stranger's Free Program To Quit Porn


With some skepticism, I said “Sure”. 


I filled out his survey and gave him my email address. 


Within a few days, I received the first lesson.



The first lesson was about the mindsets needed in order to quit porn.


He shared perspectives that relieved all the pressure I had put on myself. And it relaxed me, and gave me the comfort and confidence to know I could get over this problem. I hadn't heard anyone approach quitting porn in this same way. 


I was surprisingly blown away. I didn't think a random stranger's message could have such a big impact on me in such little time... 


Then he showed me a "map" for what the "journey" looks like in order to quit porn.


Seeing my recovery process from a bigger picture perspective gave me a sense of where I was at, and where I needed to go.


He warned me of the pitfalls along this journey, and how to overcome them... and how to react instead, when I might fail.


Because "failure" is a part of the process... and it's how I react to my failure that will determine my longterm success or defeat with this problem.


With this "map" I felt a sense of relief, hope and the potential for a new direction in my life and recovery process.


Then came exercises that were very similar to guided meditations I had listened to, except they were curated to changing my triggers and removing my desire to watch porn…

Next Came Cognitive Exercises to Reprogram My Mind, Which Strengthened My Willpower... Like Hitting The Gym for My Brain

Matt took exercises from fields of psychology like hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic-Programming… 


Which have been incredibly effective and successful tools for quitting smoking, losing weight, and all sorts of behaviour issues…


Except Matt applied them for quitting porn. 


It was like taking my brain to the gym. Practicing these exercises developed my self-control, and I noticed how I could simply "let go" of urges as they came up.


The exercises were working for me.


And the more I practiced them, the more "in control" I felt of my urges.


It was really like developing a muscle at the gym... but for my brain.


Within a day, I noticed myself not getting triggered to relapse, by things that used to normally cause me to crave porn, and relapse. 


And when I did feel an "urge", I could re-direct it...


Controlling my urges got easier and easier, as I practiced the cognitive exercises.


In the past: I'd open my phone and check Instagram (which typically is filled with hyper-sexualized images of women)... and that before I knew it I was on the "hub".


Yet now I was seeing all these beautiful women in bikinis, and I had no urge to get off.


That was really strange!


Imagine what a carnivore feels when he looks at a salad... that's how I felt towards hyper sexualized images and videos of women on social media.


I felt little to nothing towards them.


By contrast, just a month earlier, those very same images would have sent me down a spiral of masturbation.




For the First Time In My Adult Life 
I Had Gone For More Than a Month Without Relapsing To Porn 

I had made it to 31 days without opening up porn and masturbating...


And just when I thought I had quit...
two days later I relapsed


I wasn't even stressed or triggered...


I just wanted to see what it was like again.




This time relapsing felt like a choice, rather than an impulse I couldn’t control.


Relapsing wasn’t such a big deal to me this time, because after Matt's Mindset Module, I understood that this was simply a part of the process.


I found this refreshing, and I was still hopeful.


For once, I didn't give myself a hard time for fucking-up.


Not only did I make significant progress, but now I had self-control, and relapsing was a choice... that I now see I don't want to repeat.


Strangely, I didn’t feel like shit, guilty or ashamed.

I continued Matt’s course,

and learned about my “sexual imprint”.


He said that now that I had gotten control of my urges and impulses...


Fixing my "porn imprint"  was the key to quitting...


And that would stop me from craving porn ever again.


Matt Asked Me a Strange 

Life-Changing Question

Which I Want To Ask You...


"Can you remember the very FIRST orgasm
​that you had in your life?"


Really… stop and go back to that moment. 


Can you visualize when you had your very first orgasm EVER, and picture it?


How old were you, roughly?


Where were you?


What were you doing?


How did it happen?

Humans Have “Imprinting Stages” 
Which Shape Us For Life And 
Most Men Today "Imprinted" on Porn

Imprinting stages happen during specific vulnerable stages of our psychological development...


They happen when we experience something for the first or first few times.


It creates an "impression" on our mental blueprint for how to deal, or survive in the world and environment we're born into.


It works similarly as when we make first impressions with new people, and why they have such a big, lasting impact on us. First impressions hit you deep.


These "imprinting" moments shape us for the rest of our lives.


Sometimes imprinting goes "wrong" (like with porn, as you'll soon see).


I believe porn is one of those times, when imprinting goes wrong... and has now impacted multiple generations of men.



Here's a REAL World Example of Imprinting Purposefully "GONE WRONG", 
in the Animal World


This is when a baby duck is born and sees a human FIRST... instead of its biological duck mother. 

What do you think ends up happening to the baby duck?


Watch the video to find out...


The duck follows the human for the remainder of its life, instead of its biological mom.


That's how powerful imprinting is.

Watch this video for an example of imprinting in nature

When imprinting stages take place, they tell your brain "this is how you're going to survive in this environment".


Humans, like animals, have imprinting periods, which last a lifetime.


It's why we become so similar to the people who raised us.


In particular, humans have a “sexual imprinting” period which happens during puberty. 


And however you first orgasmed, that has shaped how you have been "programmed" to orgasm.


Think about it... 



Did Your First Few Orgasms
While You Were
Watching Porn?


If yes…


Then you imprinted on porn.


Like the geese who imprinted on a human, and followed it for the rest of their lives...


If your FIRST orgasm happened with porn, your brain got programmed to "get-off" through porn.


And your "porn imprint" is the ROOT cause of your inability to quit.

This is why although you might have a beautiful, hot wife or girlfriend… you still CRAVE porn (and it might excite you more than real sex).

(Imprinting on porn also explains why lots of men today desire watching their woman have sex with another man... because they've conditioned their brains to get off by watching a man screwing a woman, this is just like watching porn - but in real life)


That was certainly my problem.


My wife is gorgeous, and men stare at her every time we go out… she’s HOT.


Yet I stopped getting hard with her… while I could get an instant boner when I opened up a porn site.


It's demoralizing.


But Matt said there was hope... 

Using The "Intimacy Switch" You Can Rewire Your Porn Imprint, and Change It So Only Intimacy Turns You On... 

Matt called what most men have today a “Porn Imprint”...


Because that’s how most men alive today, under the age of 40, had their first orgasm... with porn.


And with a specific mental exercise called the "Intimacy Switch" I began “rewiring” my porn imprint.


I began shifting what my brain imprinted on.


Using the Intimacy Switch I created my new imprint for having passionate, REAL sex, and a loving connection with my wife.


As soon as I went through the exercise my body felt lighter. 


It felt like 75 pounds of stress had been lifted off my shoulders.


I redid Intimacy Switch exercise 3 more times to really engrain it in my mind.

All Of a Sudden...
Hyper-Sexualized Content On Social Media Had Zero Affect On Me

That evening I checked my phone, as I normally do...


TikTok was the biggest new thing at the time, and it's filled with half naked women dancing on there... which used to send me down a spiral, binging porn.


The strangest thing was that NONE of the videos of women on social media affected me. Instead of feeling horny, I saw them as people... and I thought to myself "what on earth are they really trying to do here?".


Oddly... that night when I got horny, I desired my wife and made an advancement on her for the first time in probably a year!


I noticed how instead of craving a visual stimulus to get me off... I craved a physical connection instead.

My Fiancee Was THRILLED By My New Spark, Desire and Affection For Her In Bed, and Also Outside The Bedroom

That week after using the Intimacy Switch we made love 6 out of 7 days...


Erections were spontaneous, and natural... 


And half of the time, I was the one initiating sex.


The benefits weren't just in the bedroom either...

  • I felt more relaxed and present around her.
  • The guilt and shame from watching porn I used to carry was gone.
  • I wanted to "connect" with her on an intimate, and emotion level... like I hadn't ever done before.
  • We were physically affectionate in a way I hadn't experienced in years
  • There was a sense of "one-ness" between us.

To make things better...


Instead of wasting hours almost daily, "doing the deed" in shame and secrecy...


Now I had hours of FREE time, which I channeled into my hobbies.


I began working out daily, and decided to get into the best shape of my life for my wedding day.


I also began volunteering in my community... something I had always wanted to do, but the shame I lived in stopped me from putting myself out there.

The Intimacy Switch Killed My Desire For Porn... And ReBonded My Brain With My Fiancee Instead

The freedom I began to experience was liberating...


I could walk down a street, and not stare at women's asses - for the FIRST time in my adults life.


I was able to have conversations with pretty women at work, that I used to avoid...

For the first time in my adult life... I didn't feel like a CREEP around women.


I could look at women in their eyes, with pride.


I no longer had to hide in shame... because there was NO shame.


I had nothing to hide from my fiancee anymore.


And our increased intimacy comforted her... which skyrocketed my confidence in every area of my life.

On a beautiful spring day in May of 2020, my fiancee became my wife.


We've now been married for just over a year. Porn is no longer a part of our relationship, and our intimacy seems to deepen with each passing day.


COVID destroyed a lot of relationships, and if it wasn't for the Intimacy Switch, I would have gotten myself deeper into my addiction...


And ruined my relationship with "the one".


Luckily I discovered how to re-bond with a real woman, and experience a real liberation.


Now I hope you can too.

Feeling Forever Alone?
(Even in your relationship?)

Want To Become a "Natural" With Women, Have The Best Sex Of Your Life, and Become One of The Rare Men That Women Actually Respect?

If you'd like to experience INTIMACY, on a level you've never even thought possible...


Then no amount of "hard work", cold showers, going "cold turkey" will do the trick...


You need to rewire your brain, at the unconscious level... and over-ride the part of you which bonded with porn.


When you do that, developing friends with women, and dating will become incredibly easy and simple.


Do you want to become a man who would rather have sex with with hand, or a robot?


Or a man that can sexually satisfy a woman, be emotionally available, and a partner in relationships?

  • Which one of these men do you think women would respect more?
  • Which one of these men would a daughter of yours respect more?
  • Which one of these men would you feel proud to be?

The choice is yours.

It's Not Your Fault That You Bonded With Porn, and Imprinted On It, However... 

Now that you know that you bonded with porn, it's your responsibility to take the information I've shared with you, and to do something about it.


If you keep doing what you've been doing, you're going to get the same results...


And things are either going to stay the same, get worse, or marginally better.


But there's an easy way out... 


You can bang your head against the wall for years, miss out on endless moments of intimacy, love and amazing sex...


Like I did... and nearly ruin your relationship with the "one".


Or you can rewire your brain and sexual-imprint at the unconscious level...


Like I did along with 70 other guys... 

If You Want To Quit Relapsing To Porn You Can Either Do It The Hard WayOr The Easy Way, The Choice Is Yours

The hard way is by using your will-power...


You'll be relapsing week after week, year after year, until you've hit rock bottom countless times and decide to fork over $10,000+ for rehab (and most rehab centres are notoriously ineffective).




There’s the EASY way to quit ...


Or you can find an NLP coach, or hypnotist to help REWIRE your brain for intimacy.


One of these coaches will cost you about $200-$500 per session. Within a few sessions you'll be in control of your urges.


However many NLP practitioners aren’t aware of imprinting, and are focused on helping people quit smoking or losing weight. Porn addiction is a different beast.

The truth is, WILL-POWER simply doesn't work when it comes to quitting an addiction like this.


You truly need to tackle the problem at the unconscious level. 


With tools like Neuro Linguistic Programming and hypnosis, you can began working out your brain, and getting in control of your urges TODAY.


And you're about to discover the EASIEST, CHEAPEST and FASTEST way to rewire your, brain quit porn, and re-bond with women.


 Ready To Quit Porn? 

Meet The Man Who Changed The Course of My Adult Life, and Saved My Wedding Day From Disaster

Hi, my name is
Matt Miller...

I'm the guy who reached out to John and helped him un-bond with porn, and re-bond with his fiancee.


How did I figure this out? Well... 

In my early 20's I had a wake up call, when I thought to myself: 


"I've masturbated WAY more than I'll ever get laid...
this CAN'T be normal or healthy for me"


That's when I decided to try and quit porn.


At first I kept relapsing, over and over again.


Luckily when I was 19, I was introduced to Neuro-Linguistic-Programming and Hypnosis (two powerful tools for behaviour change).


First, I used these tools to change countless bad habits, and quickly turned my life around from: Being a drop-out, anti-social, stoner with poor grades… 


... to becoming one of the top door-to-door sales reps in the country, and training an entire team of reps.


By the time I was 22 I became a certified N.L.P. and hypnosis practitioner.


Soon after I realized porn was a problem for me (and when I couldn't quit with willpower alone)... I applied these same behavioural-change tools to quit my porn addiction.


And it worked…  kind of.


You see... 

Using N.L.P. I Had Gotten my Urges Under Control, However my DESIRE to Look at Porn Never Went Away, Until…

You see...


Using N.L.P. tools I was able to abstain from porn.


I could feel a desire for it, and push it away... 


The problem was that I kept craving porn.


I would go for weeks, and months without relapsing... though it felt like I was fighting a demon inside of me nearly every day. It was NOT easy.


This went on for a few years until... 


I discovered the theory on “imprinting”, how both humans and animals experience vulnerable stages of development... which create a lasting imprint, and programs our brains for the environment in which the imprint happened.


That's when I realized I had “imprinted” on porn. (Remember: Imprinting is a foundational stage of your psychological development which “programs” your brain for the rest of your life). 


I then experimented fixing my Porn Imprint with the tools I had learned from NLP and hypnosis…


That's how I created the "Intimacy Switch".


Over the next few days after re-wiring my imprint, I noticed how felt like I could relax around women, and relate to them better.


Interestingly I ended a 3 year "dry spell" just DAYS after rewiring my imprint for the first time (and lot of friends/clients I've shared this with have had profound changes in their lives revolving around intimacy and relationships).


6 months later I changed my imprint again, but this time I consciously wired it for love and intimacy...


And TWO DAYS later I met a woman who I would fall in love with and became my girlfriend (and nearly married) for the next 4.5 years.


I truly believe this is because I shifted what my mind focused on. My imprint changed from desiring porn, to desiring love and intimacy.


And two days later, I found that.


Ever since that day that I switched my porn imprint, I have been updating it and...

Using the "Intimacy-Switch
Porn Stopped Turning Me On...
Re-Wired My Brain To Only Get Turned On By Genuine Connections 

For example... 


I can literally go to a porn website, see nudity, watch any video and my emotional response to it is...

  • Disgusted
  • Repelled
  • Dis-interested
  • Numb to it

And because of that, I never crave it or indulge in it.


The reason why?


Because I've changed my brain's imprint to crave a real connection (laughter, chemistry, and a genuine connection), physical attraction and intimacy with a woman.


Now, just because a woman is pretty, doesn't mean I'll be attracted to her.


This makes talking to beautiful women easy, because I'm not focused on her looks (although physical attraction does matter to me).


Instead, I filter for looks, but then the deciding factor whether I'm actually attracted to a woman, and wanting to get intimate with her...


Is if I also connect with her on an intellectual and emotional level.


I am turned on by great mutual chemistry.


Because of that, now I reject tons of stunning women in my life...


Because most don't meet my emotional or intellectual needs.


I've changed what I desire sexually... it used to be porn, then attractive women, then women who I have a deep connection with, and now it's continuously evolving.


Which means today, women can't manipulate me, play games with me and I don't put up with any crap from them (pardon my french).


Interestingly this makes me a super attractive man in most women's eyes.


And I've been able to attract, and keep not only drop-dead-gorgeous women... but brilliant, hilarious and independent woman, who also happen to be beautiful.

Fast Forward 8 Years 
Clean from Porn...


To March 2020, when COVID-19 hit North America… I took a month off of work to contemplate the direction of my life. 


I saw that millions of men are still searching for answers on how to Quit Porn, for GOOD. And there weren’t any good solutions out there.


Since this was something I had figured out and overcome for myself, I wondered…


“Maybe I could help people quit porn?”

So I reached out to men on forums who were struggling.


71 men signed up. One of those was John.


I asked them how long they had been trying to quit... 

59.1% of these guys had been trying to quit for over 1 year... 


22.5% of these men had been trying to quit for over 5 years...

They had all previously tried the standard approaches to quitting porn...


From therapy, to cold showers, using raw willpower, online accountability partners...


Yet nothing worked for them...


Because ALL of them had a Porn Imprint.


However that all changed after they went through my training and cognitive exercises.

Here Are The 4 Core Steps 
To Rewire Your Brain and Become Wired For Intimacy

  • Step 1:

    Get Your Subconscious Mind Prepared To Quit
    "Fail to Prepare And You're Preparing To Fail" - Ben Franklin


    The first thing you need to do when quitting porn is get mentally prepared.


    The reason why is because after years (if not decades) of porn and masturbation, there's a part of you which might not WANT to quit...


    Another part of you doesn't know a reality WITHOUT porn.


    So the first step is to get you completely, and subconsciously "aligned" to quit porn, and replace it with something bigger and better.


    You also need to understand what the journey of quitting looks like. There will be ups and downs, but if you're mentally prepared, you'll know what to look for, and how to know that you're actually making progress.

  • Step 2:

    Get In Control Of Your Urges To Relapse, 
    Eliminate All of Your "Triggers", And
    Tackle All Of The "Voids" Which You Used To Fill With Porn


    When you've been watching porn for years (if not decades), you've conditioned yourself to crave, desire and have urges to watch porn.


    Certain things, like stress, drinking, or simply images on social media or television are enough to trigger you and send you on a porn binge.


    Step 2, is all about getting in control of your urges, so when the desire for watching porn emerges, you can simply "let it go".


    Certain NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) exercises make it brain-dead-easy to let the urges "go".


    As well, you're going to want to rewire your brain, so that ALL of the things which used to previously trigger you, stop. Again, there's simple NLP exercises which remove ALL the emotional impact which your triggers USED to have on you...


    These exercises are so powerful they work instantly (and I'll show you real testimonials of their speed and effectiveness in a minute)

  • Step 3:

    Rewire Your Porn Imprint For Intimacy
    Using the "Intimacy Switch"


    Once you've gotten mentally prepared, and in control of your urges you'll have prepped your brain to be ready to rewire your "imprint".


    Rewiring your imprint is critical, if you want to stop being attracted to porn.


    The way you rewire your imprint is through a specific N.L.P., meditation style, cognitive exercise.


    This is what allows you to change your unconscious strategy for sexual reproduction, to go from "imprinted" on porn, to "wired for intimacy" with REAL women.

  • Step 4:

    Program a New Version Of Yourself Who's Wired For Intimacy And Step Into That New Man


    Just as it's important to get mentally prepared for any journey, if you don't have an exit plan...


    Then you're setting yourself up to bounce back into old patterns.


    Mentally creating a new version of yourself is critical for you to integrate all of the learnings, and to supercharge your growth.


    You can think of this process like how a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly.


    Right now you're a caterpillar.


    Doing the "inner work" of transformation, rewiring your imprint, etc is the processing of cocooning... so that you can BECOME a butterfly. AKA: A new version of yourself.


    To become this new version of yourself, you need to integrate a new set of beliefs, values and image of what this new man looks like, behaves like, etc.


    Straighforward NLP exercises can help you become this "new version" of yourself.


 Here’s What The Other 70 Guys

Had To Say About Their Experience Going Through The Intimacy Switch


One Exercise Immediately Killed His Desire For Something Which Usually Aroused Him

This man had never gone longer than 2 weeks without porn before in his life.

I Created The Easiest and Simplest Way To Quit Porn In Record Time, Control Your Urges to Relapse, and Get Hard Naturally With Your Partner Again


Wired for Intimacy

Download The Cognitive Tools to Re-Bond with Women...
Become a Man In Control of His Sexual Desires...
Have the Freedom To Only Lust for Intimacy With a Partner

And Blow Women's Minds With Your Ability To Connect Deeply

Wired For Intimacy is an audio course for men to Quit Porn in record time, instead of struggling for years, decades and possibly a lifetime. 


The exercises begin working FAST.


You can think of it as a gym for your mind to control your urges, rewire your porn imprint, and only become turned on by real women.


You will be experiencing shifts, and training your brain to DISLIKE porn, as you're doing the exercises.

  • Tackles The Root Cause Of Porn Addiction (With The “Porn-Imprint” Exercises)

  • Rewires Your Brain To Crave Connection and Intimacy, Instead of Pixels On a Screen (and Objectifying Women)

  • Puts You In Control Over Your Urges, Energy and Your Life

Simply download and listen each of the 20+ mental exercises once per day, as you gain more and more control over your urges, and desires to watch porn.


All you've got to do is find a place to listen to the audio-course privately, practice the exercises, and feel how you gain more and more control over your urges to relapse.


These are the same exercises which I used 8 years ago to break free from my addiction to porn, which I share with my students back in April, 2020.

My promise to you is that if you do just one exercise daily, you will get in FULL control of your urges. 

Wired For Intimacy is the ONLY Course that Addresses Porn Addiction at the Root Causeand Actually TACKLES It


Wired For Intimacy is filled with quick and powerful exercises, theory and lessons to rewire your brain for intimacy in record time...


Each exercise takes no longer than 5-15 minutes.


You'll discover over 20
mental exercises to:

  • Rewire your "porn imprint" using the Intimacy Switch... and only become attracted to real women.

    So that your brain STOPS craving porn... and instead creates a NEW pathway for reproducing. This makes it SUPER easy to get HARD and become intimate with women. By rewiring your imprint you eventually stop being attracted to porn at all.

  • Get in CONTROL of, and dissolve URGES to masturbate... and make it EASY to unconsciously choose NOT to relapse.

    There are multiple exercises dedicated to eliminating urges, and rewiring your brain for a desired/positive result instead.

  • Eliminate ALL triggers, and sub-consciously remove the desire to CRAVE porn at ALL (and browse the web and social media without getting triggered by all the half naked women online)

    Imagine opening up ANY social media app, seeing tons of images or videos of hyper-sexualized women, and NOT getting triggered, or even feel horny...


    ... because the only thing that will turn you on is an ACTUAL connection with a real women.

    You'll be able to enjoy life without worrying about getting triggered by any kind of sexualized media on TV, your phone, or computer.

    Last year I watched "Too Hot To Handle" without getting sent over the edge. It also turns out, there's some great relationship lessons in that show LOL.

  • Make porn (and sexualized images on social media) feel as BORING and unappetizing as a salad is to a carnivore.

    If you think of the last porn video which you “finished” to and score it on a scale of 1-10… 1 being not interesting, and 10 being climax worthy… imagine if ALL porn felt like a 1. That’s what these exercises will allow to do for your brain.

    This gives you the self-control to do something more productive instead (like work on yourself, and date REAL women).

  • Change your beliefs, and mindsets about your ability to overcome your porn addiction.

    If you don't believe it's possible to overcome this issue, you won't. The exercises on beliefs change your perspective about what is possible... and makes you CONFIDENT you can achieve almost ANYTHING you put your mind to. Your reality is dictated by what you believe. I will make you believe you can quit, FAST.

  • How to overcome feelings of SHAME and GUILT about porn, and let them go...

    Shame and guilt are CRITICAL to let go of...  because these emotions FUEL poor behaviour and decision making.

    You tend to watch porn when you're feeling down, in order to make yourself feel good. So by eliminating shame and guilt, you can make more powerful, empowering decisions instead.

  • Create a powerful vision of your future, so you can set BIG goals and accomplish them (including living a porn-free life).

    You'd be surprised how effective creating a powerful vision is to motivate you towards a better, porn-free future.

  • Have unshakable CONFIDENCE that you’re going to break porn addiction FAST

    When you think about how likely you are to quit porn this year, do you feel confident you’ll achieve this? With the tools I’m going to teach you, you’ll have

  • Get ROCK hard with women again, giving you the confidence to date, and penetrate your partner(s)

    You'd be surprised how effective creating a powerful vision is to motivate you towards a better, porn-free future.

  • And MUCH much more...

When You Join, You'll Get Instant Access To The 4 Core Modules To Rewire Your Brain For Intimacy

When you join Wired for Intimacy, you'll get instant access to ALL 4 steps to rewire your brain...


So you can download each audio session, and hit the "cognitive gym" to rewire your brain, and begin getting in control of your urges.


As you listen to each audio-session and do the exercises, you'll discover a new sense of will-power which you weren't previously aware of.


Each module and exercise is designed to get your unconscious mind "on-board" and wired for intimacy.


By the time you'll have gotten to the imprint exercise, you'll have found significant control over your urges.... and you'll be ready to experience one of the biggest changes in your life: Re-bonding with women.


The imprint exercise alone will give you a completely different view (subconsciously) of women, and how you relate to them.


Here's the 4 Core Modules and
The Exercises Inside Each of Them... 

Module 1: 
Getting Mentally Prepared To Quit

The Mindsets, and Cognitive Strategies To Overcome Porn


Here's what you'll discover inside module 1:

  • The “Road Map” To Quitting. When you hike a mountain, it helps to know what the journey looks like. I'm going to give you a "map" for what to expect on this journey to quit porn. Without this map, most guys get lost in their journey and spend years (or a life-time) trying to quit.

  • The “KEY” to it all (thinking “multi-dimensionally”). I'm going to show you a new way to use your mind. If you think that "thinking" with the voice in your mind is all there, I'm going to show you a new way of "being", and THIS is the key to quitting. And it might just blow your sense of reality.

  • You'll Discover A Powerful New Way to Set Goals & Deciding What You Want. When you know what you WANT, you can accomplish almost anything. 

  • Making You Believe You’re Going to Quit Easily (increasing your confidence to quit). Most men believe its difficult to quit porn, since their experience has taught them that... well, you accomplish whatever you expect. If you expect the journey to be hard, it will be. I'm going to show you just how easy it really is to quit, with is going to open your mind to a whole new realm of possibilities. 

  • An exercise: Getting all the “parts” of you to quit. Let's face it... if you had quit porn already, there wouldn't be a "part" of you that goes back to it. I'm going to show you how to get ALL the "parts" inside of you on the same page. This streamlines the process of rewiring your brain for intimacy.

  • We're going to make sure there’s no subconscious objections to quitting.  You're going to look at all the ways which porn served you, and we're going to make sure that your subconscious mind is 100% onboard, and nothing is holding you back from quitting and rewiring your brain for intimacy.

  • Deciding what you want your ideal sex life to look like. If you don't have a vision for what your "sex" life could look like, after quitting porn, you're going to find yourself indulging in other sexual taboos. We're going to create a healthy vision for your future sex life, so once you quit porn, you'll be wired for intimacy.

  • Creating a powerful WHY. You've likely heard that having a powerful "WHY" can lead you on a path towards massive success. It's true. But no one shows you how to program your "why" at the unconscious level. I'm going to show you how. And it's going to make you unstoppable.

Module 2.
The Mental Gym For Your Mind
Get In Control Of Your Urges and Remove All Triggers... So You Become Unaffected By Hyper-Sexualized Content


  • The "Trigger Killer" Exercise. You know how as you're browsing online, just one seemingly harmless image or video on social media can trigger your urges and lead to a relapse? This exercise is going to kill all of your triggers, one at a time. And you'll get so good at using this exercise, that you'll be able to do it as new triggers emerge.

  • How to "Let Go" of an Urge. Urges can hijack your mind and body... and turn you into an insatiable man, that can't think or function until you jerk one off. This effortless exercise is going to train your mind and body to "let go" of ANY urge that arises. As you practice this technique, you'll letting urges go as easy and unconscious as tying your shoe laces.

  • I'm going to run you through a mental exercise called the "worst case scenario"... once you face this worst case scenario, you'll be wired to run AWAY from porn, instead of chasing it to fill your sexual desires.

  • Get Total Urge Control: You'll discover a Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP) exercise to amplify your control of urges. This is going to give you complete self control, so when an urge arises you'll be able to STOP and consciously decide whether to relapse or not. The choice will now be yours. Wouldn't that be nice for a change?

  • The “Swish” Exercise to Change Unwanted Unconscious Habits. Do you have any habits you'd like to change? This classic NLP exercise has been used for 4 decades now to break ANY habit. It will give you awareness of what triggers you, and how to re-program a new empowering habit instead. This is powerful stuff.

Module 3.
Rewiring Your Porn Imprint With The Intimacy Switch
Eliminating & Fixing Your Core Desire To Bond With Porn...
So You Can Re-Bond and ​Become Intimate With Women Instead


  • The "Sexual Imprint" Exercise: Rewire your sexual imprint, and rewire your brain for intimacy.

  • Discover how "bad" feelings are the key to your growth. And how they're also a big reason for many of your relapses. 

  • Once you realize that bad feeling are your biggest opportunity for massive growth, I'm going to show you how to channel these feelings in a positive and constructive way. This won't just help you overcome porn, and rewire your brain for intimacy... it's going to be the catalyst for your next stage of growth in your life.

  • Dealing with Shame & Guilt. Most guys who've been watching porn for years or decades might have tons of shame and guilt. I'm going to show you how to let go of that shame and guilt, and allow you to forgive yourself. Once you do this, you can love yourself at a level you never knew existed. With that self love, you can then love others as deeply.

  • The Voids Checklist. When we're feeling bad, rather than dealing with the negative emotions, we numb ourselves with porn, work, and any distraction possible... these are called "voids". I'm going to show you how to take inventory of the "voids" you use to with porn, to avoid the real problems in your life. Tackle this and you will be freed from the chains that are holding you back in life.

  • How to Deal With Relapses. Relapsing often leads men down a path of binging, and self-hatred. This is counter productive, and only leads fuels your negative cycle. 

  • Fixing PIED (Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction). After years or decades of porn, many men lose the ability to get hard with real women... though their cocks still get hard while watching porn. This powerful exercise helps you re-condition your cock's brain to become attracted and rock-solid for women again.

Module 4.
Creating Your New Identity Without Porn

Discover the Man You Want to Become, And Transform


  • Fixing Your Past & Time-Line. Ever feel like you're repeating the same old patterns in life? This "time-line" exercise is going to help break the identity which you've held onto for years... and will give you the space to create a "new you".
  • Creating a powerful new future. Once you've fixed your past, you can then break free from the "old you", and then you'll create and install a powerful new version of yourself into your timeline. Remember, you become what you expect of your self... we're going to change what you now accept from yourself and will hardwire that into your subconscious.

  • Who Do You Want to Become? I'm going to run you through an exercise to figure out EXACTLY who you want to become, what your life will look like in your ideal scenario. Once you begin to see improvements in your day-to-day, you're going to want to review this exercise every 3 to 6 months.

  • Deciding on Goals, Purpose, Mission, Values & Habits For The New You. Part of creating a new version of yourself is deciding on the concrete goals, values and missions you would like to have. Rather than living for the moment, having a greater mission in life is going to change the way you operate and make decisions. Porn will no longer fit into your new identiyy and values.

  • Future Pacing The New You. The final step is ANCHORING your new you. This exercise is going to create an imprint for your new ideal self.


The tools in this section have allowed me to change my identity several times in my life... from a stoner and drop out, to a psychology geek. Then again years later into a top sales rep, then freelancer, now a "change agent" coach for men.



  • How Your Relationship With Your Parents Affects Your Brain. Few people ever think about this... but the way you approach your relationship with either of your parents has a dramatic impact on your life. I'm going to show you how to reclaim your power, truth, and feel liberated by having an honest relationship with your folks.
  • How Being “Radically” Honest Can Liberate You. Becoming 100% honest in my life has radically changed my approach to everything I do - including and especially with my relationships with women. When you live with lies, even "little white lies", it holds you back, it clouds your judgement... and it makes you tell yourself stories that cloud your judgement. I'm going to show you how you can liberate yourself from immense pain by telling the cold-hard truth.
  • Overcome Your Fears and Tackle Your Goals FAST. Most people run away from their problems. It's genetically proven that we're 2x as likely to run away from pain, than to move towards our goals... however that attitude stops you from achieving what you want in life. I'm going to show you a new approach to tackle your goals and accomplish them FAST.
  • The “Bigger Picture” and goal of Quitting Porn. If you think quitting porn is simply about getting hard again, having real intimacy with women, then you'd be right... but it affects your life in a much bigger way. It's liberation. And this liberation affects everything you do, your family, and community. In this bonus session I explain everything. If this doesn't motivate you to quit, I don't know what will.
  • Daily Meditation for mental reprogramming. Science has shown that you think 90%-95% of the same thoughts every single day. So if your brain is in a rut, thinking poor thoughts, feeling like crap... you're likely to repeat those same behaviours and patterns for months, years or a lifetime. I'm going to run you through a guided meditation that's going to put you in a positive state, get your day started on the right path, and it's going to open your perspective to a whole new realm of possibilities. I'm not a very "woo-woo" person, but folks have said that this meditation works like "magic", because it transforms 
  • “Little things, that can turn into big life changes”. If you've heard of the "pareto principal", then you know that 80% of your results come from 20% of your actions. And 80% of that 20% make up the "needle movers". I'm going to show you how you can take small actions, that create MASSIVE changes in your life. This will help for your productivity, mindset and your ability to deal with any challenges in life.

What's It Worth For You
To Win Your War With Porn and
Start Breaking Free Today?

Quitting Porn and breaking free from this addiction is literally priceless.


It will change the quality of your life by magnitudes... 


It would stop you from living with guilt, shame and not having the level of personal satisfaction which you know you deserve.


Breaking free from porn allowed me to experience REAL intimacy with women for the first time in my life (in a way that I didn't know existed before).


It gave me the courage, and motivation to “get my shit together”, date, and build a higher quality of life for myself so that I could attract higher quality women (you attract the types of people which you are).

Before quitting porn, and rewiring my “sexual imprint”: 

  • I was a socially awkward introvert who could barely think straight around a pretty woman.

  • I had never had a relationship last more than 6 months.

  • I was terrified of talking to women, and going on dates.

  • I was constantly "friend-zoned".

  • I held myself back in most areas of my life: Since whenever I felt stressed I would “numb” myself and use porn as a coping mechanism for my problems.

After quitting porn:

  • My career took off. As did my health and my personal growth. Because I began facing the issues in my life, instead of numbing myself with porn.

  • I lost my fear about being sexual with women, and dating (dating used to scare the sh!t out of me). I became a “natural” around women. Often rejecting them, because after rewiring my sexual imprint women would invite me to sleep over, go out and would ask me questions like “when are you going to take me out?”... because I became

  • I began ruthlessly tackling every area of my life which I had been ignoring: My career (I had always worked “dead-end” jobs, like as a server or commission sales jobs… and then began a career as a freelance marketer), I fixed my health (I gained 20 lbs of muscle after quitting porn), created an amazing love life.

  • Stopped settling in each area of my life. I stopped putting up with bullshit from myself, and anyone around me (including my bosses, women, friends, and family).

Looking back at my 18 year old self, I would have gladly paid $10,000 for this information… knowing it would save me so much suffering over the next few years.


Because after calculating how much it really cost me to learn all of this information, I ended up paying roughly $17,600 to learn all of the tools and techniques you’ll be using to quit porn in record time.


To figure this all out on my own... 

  • I have paid over a dozen coaches and therapists between $100-$500 per hour each, just to learn some of the tools and techniques I’m sharing with you here…

  • I’ve become a certified Neuro-Linguistic-Programming practitioner (investing over $7,000) by two different schools of NLP.

  • I’ve become a certified hypnotist ($2,500).

  • Gone through countless workshops, seminars and online trainings to figure this all out, and much more.

  • Read HUNDREDS of books on psychology and self help ($1,000+).

  • Attended a dozen or so week long or weekend long workshops ($5,000+)

You get to take ALL my training, best knowledge...


Condensed into 6 hours of exercises and content to reprogram your brain, and rewire your sexual imprint for intimacy.

So my question for you is:


If you could get IMMEDIATE control over your urges to quit porn, and stop relapsing...


If you were GUARANTEED to quit this year, how much would you pay for that?




Although my 18 year old self would have gone into debt to pay $10,000 for this information I won’t charge you that.

Because I want to get this into the hands of as many people as possible.


You won’t pay half of that, $5,000.


Or even half of THAT… which is what I think the market would pay for this information.


You won’t even pay $1,000… nope.

Today You're Getting $3,580 Worth of Real Value, for ONLY $47 

Here's What You're Getting When You Join Wired For Intimacy Today

Not Only Are You Getting Instant Access To The Original Full Course...
You're Also Getting: A Stack Of Resources To Optimize Your Recovery

  • 1.
    Wired For Intimacy v1.0
    $997 Value

    Once you join you'll get immediate access to the first and original version of Wired for Intimacy.


    This was the prototype, which my first 71 students went through in 2020 to quit porn during the middle of the pandemic.


    You'll get instant access to all 20+ cognitive exercises to rewire your brain, and use the "Intimacy Switch".

  • 3.

    Wired for Intimacy 2.0

    $1997 Value

    In 2020 I created Wired for Intimacy v1.0.


    Now I'm creating an UPDATED version of Wired for Intimacy...


    With higher quality audio, video and brand new modules to accelerate your recovery...


    Including new psychological tools I've discovered over the past year.

  • 2.
    One Month of LIVE Weekly Q&A Calls

    $95 Value

    As soon as you join you'll get access to the LIVE weekly Q&A calls with Matt Miller.


    Each week you can send in your most pressing questions... and on these weekly calls Matt will tackle the most requested questions from the group.


    You'll have access to all the recordings.


    Join Matt every Tuesday at 7:30pm CST.

  • 4.
    Reconnect and Fix Your Relationship with Your Partner $495 Value

    Discover how to talk about your porn addiction with your partner, so that she understands where you're coming from, and what you're struggling with.


    There's also an audio module for her to listen to.

When You Join Wired For Intimacy Today You’re Backed By a 90 Day, Results Or Your Money Back Guarantee

Look, I’m on a mission to end porn addiction, and to help men become great again.


This isn't about money for me. This is about changing your life.


If I were to give this course away for free, you wouldn't commit to making the changes.


Ever heard of the phrase, put your money where your mouth is? It goes both ways.


Now I want you to experience a difference in your ability to say "NO" to porn TODAY.


I want you to join today, start training your mind, and NOT relapse tonight...


And experience your longest STREAK without porn ASAP. 


I want you to tell your partner, wife, future partner that you’re working on overcoming this problem… so you can be intimate with her, and just her (unless you two are into kinkier things).


However, this requires you to begin TRAINING your mind, with the cognitive exercises I share inside Wired for Intimacy.


That’s why when you join Wired for Intimacy today you’re 100% backed by a 90 day guarantee. That's 3 months, to see, feel and notice a difference in your life.


Why would I do this? 


Because I want you to quit, and I don’t want skepticism to hold you back.


So you can join 100% risk free today.

Go through the ENTIRE course, and if in one year from TODAY you haven’t quit porn, and reprogrammed your brain to crave INTIMACY, instead of porn and pixels… then simply let me know and I’ll make things right.


I created this course to get you the RESULTS you’re looking for. If you don’t achieve that, then I don’t want your money.


I know these methods work because with my version 1 test group, folks were RAVING about the IMMEDIATE changes in their lives.

To Re-Cap, Here's What
You're Getting Today

  • Wired For Intimacy v1.0 -- $995 

    Download and have instant access to ALL the 20+ cognitive exercises to rewire your brain, gain freedom from porn, and become Wired for Intimacy. 

    Your brain will be hitting the cognitive gym, to easily break free from the addictive chains of porn.

  • 1 Month of LIVE Support From Weekly Q&A Calls -- Value $95 

    Struggling with something in particular? Send over your questions each week for the LIVE Q&A calls with Matt Miller. For one hour each week he's going to answer the most pressing questions in the group.

  • Wired For Intimacy 2.0 -- $1995 

    Starting June 21st, 2021 Matt will be releasing a NEW version of "Wired for Intimacy"... which will include brand NEW modules to help you rewire your brain even faster.

    When you join today, you'll be asked to fill out a survey, which Matt will use to create NEW content, based on your needs... and will be released throughout June and July of 2021.

  • Rebuilding Trust With Your Partner -- $495

    Discover how to rebuild trust and rebuild intimacy with your partner... and make your relationship even stronger than it was originally. This module is purely dedicated to cognitive tools to rebuild your bond with your significant other.

You're Getting $3,580
Worth of Value,
Today for ONLY $47 

Ready to Win Your War With Porn?
Start Rewiring Your Brain TODAY

You're Getting $3580 Worth of Value
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Finally Break Free From Porn And Gain Back Control Over Your Impulses and Your Life TODAY!

As soon as you begin using the exercises in Wired for Intimacy you will instantly begin gaining control over your urges.


This course is like hitting the gym, but for your subconscious mind.


You’ll be gaining mental strength to kill your urges with every exercise you practice.


And UNLIKE building muscle - which takes time to see results - building mental strength with these exercises work in real time.


Each mental exercise lasts just 5-10 minutes. 


And you’ll FEEL a difference in your self-awareness, and self-control WHILE you’re doing the exercises. 


It’s because these exercises help you become AWARE of feelings, and “parts” of you, which you weren’t previously aware of. And simply gaining awareness of them, gives you control over it.

As you go about your day, you’ll notice how all of a sudden, something that would have previously “triggered” you to relapse, didn’t. “How strange” you’ll think. That’s a sign that the exercises are working.

Every day that you practice one of these exercises, you’ll be gaining more and more mental strength to break free from porn.


Currently your cognitive strength to quit is the equivalent of a scrawny 20 year old hitting the gym for the first time... trying to curl 100 pounds.


That's why you keep relapsing, over and over. 


Well, Wired for Intimacy is going to take your mental willpower from scrawny to SAVAGE.

One Exercise Immediately Killed His Desire For Something Which Usually Aroused Him

This man had never gone longer than 2 weeks without porn before in his life.

You’re at a Cross Road
Right Now And There’s 
Two Paths You Can Go Down

Path #1: Prolonged Pain


Keep living life the way you’ve been living: Relapsing to porn, living in shame, objectifying women... 


… building the bond you have with porn, instead of with REAL women.


And if you are in a relationship, or hope to get into one soon, you will likely keep porn a SECRET from your spouse. Unless she is also into it, but that’s the minority of women.


Now do you know what scares ME? Virtual reality porn. That’s the future of porn.


I’m not afraid of it for myself, but for all my friends, and all the young men who are going to get hooked on it in the very near future.


This is NOT a scare tactic, however the reality is that I have TWO friends the SAME age as me (31)... who have confessed that they struggle with “Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction” (PIED).


… which means they’re NOT able to get hard with their girlfriends (who are beautiful btw), yet they have NO problem getting hard and having a full orgasm while watching porn.


I also met a 21 year old who confessed having PIED.


If you continue watching porn for much longer, this is the likely path you’re going to experience.


It’s also filled with tons of struggle to quit. Most men spend YEARS trying to quit. Their marriages literally are broken up because of porn (type this into google and hit search: “reddit porn addict marriage” to read the countless horror stories).


Just from my first round of clients, 22.5% had been trying to quit for over 5 years.


The solutions that have been available until now simply DON’T work.


The reason? Most men’s “sexual-imprints” have been wired for porn.


Wired for Intimacy is the ONLY resource that fixes this, and much much more.


Path #2: Freedom, Love, Intimacy


Path #2 is joining Wired for Intimacy TODAY…


You’ll get immediate access to the entire v1.0 which is going to be like a gym for your brain to TAKE BACK CONTROL over your urges.


… by the time you reach the sexual-imprint exercise, you’ll have already gained a whole new level of self-control over your impulses.


After rewiring your imprint, you’ll soon notice just how much easier it is to connect with women. This is super important whether you’re single or in a committed relationship. ALL your relationships with women will deepen.


This is because these exercises work at the UNCONSCIOUS level.


YES it’s an investment of your money and your time.


However think of it this way: You spend your money on things that bring you back joy, results and happiness.


Think of this as the greatest investment you’ll ever make: To take back control over your impulses, of your ability to connect with women, and to break free from the invisible chains of porn.

How Many More Times Do You Need To Relapse In Order To Do Something Different Today?

I’ve been studying psychology and how to create “behaviour change” for over 11 years.


I’ve realized something in both myself and others: It usually takes us hitting rock bottom before we commit to making a change.


So my question for you is: How many more times do you need to relapse, before you decide to quit for good?


Because let's face it: The tools that have been available to you until now, haven’t worked.


I’ve read countless stories of folks talking with therapists about this problem. Their results? Talking to a therapist was useful to simply talk to someone about it, but they weren’t able to help create a behaviour CHANGE. 


Unfortunately, most therapist aren’t trained to help you break an addiction, like porn. They’ll help you figure out WHY you’re addicted, what childhood issues might have set this off…


But they don’t have the mental exercises to put your brain in the gym, and break free from this habit, once and for all.


That said…

There’s ONE option available, that's proven to train your brain so you can break free from porn. That’s Wired for Intimacy.


So what’s it going to take for you to do something DIFFERENT?


  • Do you need to get CAUGHT red handed by your (future) wife?

  • Do you have to experience Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction when you’re trying to have sex with a partner?

  • Do you have to order a sex-doll?

  • Do you have to watch increasingly more fucked-up porn, before you realize “this has gotten too far”

  • Do you need to get CAUGHT at work? You’d be surprised how often this happens


What’s it going to take for you to FINALLY decide, “I’ve had enough porn?”


Join RISK FREE Today: You're Backed By My 90 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I want you to go through my WHOLE course RISK FREE...


Test the exercises for yourself.


I want you to TRY "Wired for Intimacy" and see for yourself how quickly these psychological tools work...


Let me be real:

The proof is in the pudding.


If you don't try it, you'll never believe that it works.


That's why you're BACKED by my guarantee. 


If after 30, 60 or even 89 days... you decide this just ISN'T for you, and that you didn't get 10x your money's worth...


Then just let me know, and I'll personally give you a full refund.

Looking forward to hearing about your success.


Your friend and coach,


~ Matt Miller

Ready to Win Your War With Porn?
Start Rewiring Your Brain TODAY

You're Getting $3580 Worth of Value
Today for ONLY $47 

How Long Does It Take

To Rewire Your Mind and Quit Porn?


The exercises in "Wired for Intimacy" work IMMEDIATELY. 


But you have to DO them.


These exercises will begin rewiring your brain AS you're doing them... and begin changing how you think, at the unconscious level.


They're based on methods like NLP, hypnosis and several other fields of psychology which I've discovered over the past decade.


These tools will begin diminishing your urges to look at porn, changing your sexual imprint, and giving you a positive vision to move into.

These tools make it EASY for you to stop desiring porn at all...


And redirects your sexual desires and energy into more productive outlets.


Like meeting women, developing greater levels of intimacy with your partner, or channelling your sexual energy into "passion projects".

I recommend: Listening to 1-2 exercises each day, and to go through the course 1-2 times per week during the first month. (The whole course is just 6 hours long, and can be binged in under a day. You could listen to the whole course each day if you're REALLY motivated and have the time)


This is so that you can REALLY experience a powerful SHIFT quickly.


If you listen to the whole course 1-2 times per week for the first month, then you WILL quit porn quickly... rather than it taking you YEARS, perhaps decades, it will take you a fraction of the time.


Note: Chances are you WILL relapse within the first month.


However, these exercises will TRAIN your brain to overcome this desire. And after a few days, or weeks... you'll EASILY overcome ANY urge to fap which comes your way.

30 Days From Now


You Will Be In 1 of 2 Places...


You'll either be in the same place you are now...


Watching porn on a nearly daily basis, feeling depressed and guilty about your own behaviour which you can't seem to stop.


And moving towards a future that's lacking DEEP intimacy, with your dream partner.

And potentially creating sexual dysfunctions (like Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction), and not being able to get hard with a partner, without porn (this is truly a thing).




You'll have made SIGNIFICANT changes in your life.


You'll tried the mental exercises I share, have rewired your brain, and become more productive, happier, and enthusiastic about life...

You'll have broken free from the CHAINS of porn...


And moving towards a healthier sex life, dating, and DESIRING real women...


I'm looking forward to helping you create long lasting changes in your life.

Your friend,


~ Matt Miller

When You've Imprinted on Porn,

No Amount of Will-Power,
"Porn Blockers" or Talk Therapy

Can Fix Your Addiction

Unfortunately, it's scientifically proven that we only have a limited amount of will-power available to us each day.


It's why at the end of the day - especially after a hard day's work, stress, etc - you're the most likely to relapse: Because your will-power is depleted.


To break free from porn, you need to tackle the ROOT cause. Which is that your brain imprinted on porn, and sub-consciously thinks PORN is the way to get off.


You need to rewire your "Porn Imprint" at the subconscious level.


This is why even though you might download a website blocker, you're still going to CRAVE porn, and FIND a way to get your hands on it.


Not only do you have an imprint...


But you've also reinforced your imprint, and programmed your brain to "get-off" with porn over YEARS, if not decades.

If you've been struggling to quit porn, keep relapsing and are at the end of your rope...


And are ready to start truly living your life... porn free, shame free, guilt free.


Then you're going to LOVE Wired for Intimacy.


Because it's the ONLY course available in the WORLD, that will actually REWIRE your mind, and tackle porn addiction at the ROOT... and pull it out of your head like a bad weed.


It covers ALL 5 of the critical steps to:

1. Rewire Your Sexual Imprint.


2. Eliminate Your Triggers


3. Create a Powerful Future


4. Instil Empowering Habits


5. Enter Into Your "Higher Self"


It's both an audio and video course which you can listen to on any device.

It's 336 minutes long. Contains 25 modules, 15 of which are exercises to reprogram your brain.


And by the time you've finished JUST the first module...


You'll already have a significantly better grip on your desire to watch porn.


By the time you get through the whole course, your mind will feel like you have gotten back from the spa...


You'll feel ZEN, centered and in control of yourself.


... to a degree which you may have yet experienced in your lifetime.

Ready to Win Your War With Porn?
Start Rewiring Your Brain TODAY

You're Getting $3580 Worth of Value
Today for ONLY $47 

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ClickBank is the retailer of this product. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 1444 S. Entertainment Ave., Suite 410 Boise, ID 83709, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of this product or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of this product.


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